Narrabeen Lagoon Plan of Management - Values Forum

This consultation has concluded.

The Narrabeen Lagoon Plan of Management Values Forum is now closed for comment.  For news and updates on this project please click here.

Warringah Council is working with the NSW Land and Property Management Authority to prepare a Plan of Management (the Plan) for Narrabeen Lagoon. The Plan will have as its primary objective the sustainable management and conservation of Narrabeen Lagoon.

The questions on this online discussion forum were prepared in order to get feedback on the values and issues of importance to the community regarding Narrabeen Lagoon. Subsequently, Councils consultants prepared a Values, Issues and Options Paper (VIOP) that documented a range of management strategies to address the issues and support the values identified through initial consultation with the community. Click here to view this paper.

This discussion forum is now closed. The discussion themes will be included in the community consultation chapter of the draft Plan of Management.


CLOSED: This discussion has concluded.