Warringah Property Development

Warringah is an area located in the northern beaches region of Sydney, Australia. It is located approximately 20 kilometers north-east of the Sydney central business district and is situated within the local government area of Pittwater Council. Warringah is surrounded by the suburbs of Collaroy, Dee Why, Cromer, Narraweena, North Manly and Manly Vale with Manly being to the south.

Property development is common in Warringah. The area has seen significant population growth in recent years, and this has led to increased demand for housing. As a result, many developers have been attracted to Warringah and have begun to build new homes and apartments in the area. This has generated considerable controversy, with some residents arguing that the scale of development is too large and is adversely affecting the character of the suburb.

A large development within the Warringah area is the proposed Dee Why Town Centre which is a large urban development in the region which is one of the most significant developments in the area after the Northern Beach Hospital and the Wakehurst Parkway upgrade.

However, there is not as much development as some other parts of Sydney such as Parramatta, Green Square or Liverpool but this is slowly changing with more and more apartments being built. Some Warringah residents are happy with the change as it provides them with more housing options while others are worried about the impact that all of these new developments will have on Warringah, where you can see the latest Warringah developments on the official NSW Government website.

Common developments in the Warringah and greater Northern Beaches region include:

  • New apartment buildings
  • Townhouses
  • Duplexes
  • Semi-detached houses

The Warringah area is well connected to the rest of Sydney via public transport. Warringah Mall is the main shopping center in the area, and there are also a number of schools and parks located within Warringah.

The Warringah area is not as expensive as some other areas of Sydney, such as the CBD or the Eastern Suburbs. However, property prices are increasing in Warringah and it is becoming more and more expensive to buy a home in the area. This has led to some discontent among residents who feel that they are being priced out of their own suburb.